Choosing the correct Website Hosting can be a very confusing. There are many important factors to take into account. The fact is, your website is often one of the most important gateways to your business and it simply must be running at all times.

Important Hosting Features

  • Fast Website Load times
  • Good Security
  • Quick / Quality Server Support
  • 100% Website Uptime
  • Daily Backups and Restore Points
  • SSL Support
  • Unlimited Databases


The fact is, the cost of your website being down even once, is always greater than the little extra should spend per month to ensure your website always stays online. That’s why we recommend only the best website hosting, which we feel is WPEngine. Their website load times and speed is sublime, their security is second to none and they have a 100% uptime. They run daily backups and allow you to restore whenever you want, their support is excellent and they offer SSL. WPEngine are simply the best hosting company around.